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I love watercolour!

When I was small, no more than 6 or 7, I remember finding a book in my Grandmother's house showing paintings by Albrecht Durer.   I was spellbound.  His paintings of "The Young Hare"  (1502) and "The Large Turf" (1503) were such wonderful creations in watercolour.   For me they were the beginning, the inspiration that is always at the heart of my painting.

Since then there have been other artists who have inspired me - among them the amazing Andrew Wyeth;  John Blockley with his wonderful textural landscapes;  his daughter Ann Blockley and her imaginative flower paintings;  the fresh watercolours of Philip Jamieson and the challenging techniques of Alex Powers.

I am entirely self-taught and completely obsessed, bewitched, enchanted, excited and frustrated with watercolour.   When, some time ago now, I made the decision to become a full-time artist I chose to specialise in watercolour simply because I knew it to be one of the most difficult mediums and I wanted something that would test me.   And test me it does!   It is an enduring challenge which, one day, perhaps, I will master to my satisfaction but the journey is an exciting one and I shall happily continue. 

I live in the country in an area designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   How could I not be inspired by all that I see around me?   I particularly enjoy painting the small, intimate corners of my world.   They present me with enjoyable challenges in terms of painting techniques.  I held my first solo exhibition in 1990, at which I sold 18 paintings and took 22 commissions, and have subsequently exhibited widely throughout Sussex.   My paintings are in collections both here and abroad.  Painting, for me, is pure pleasure - if the end product is pleasing to others then that is a wonderful bonus.

I also teach.  In 1992 I set up my own Watercolour Painting School, which is still flourishing, and in addition I act as visiting tutor to many of the local Art Groups.