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I just love watercolour!  


I am a professional artist totally dedicated to watercolour.  

I do work in other media but watercolour will always be my first choice.  


I love the feel of it and the sense of adventure I have with it.   You just never know exactly

what it is going to do.   You think you're in charge, in control, and sometimes it behaves

beautifully and does just what you want and then, occasionally, it takes off on it's own

and leads you into unexpected and more interesting places.   The trick is to go with it -

follow instead of lead and make exciting discoveries.   Let the painting develop rather

than stick rigidly to the plan you started with.   To start with a plan, an idea, is essential

of course but to leave yourself open to discovery is necessary too.


I run my own Watercolour Painting School in East Sussex (est. 1992) with weekly classes

at Framfield and a Saturday Workshop once a month.   And, as an experienced tutor,

I also act as visiting tutor to many of the local Art Groups so please contact me if you

would like me to tutor your group.  I am a Member of the Association of Sussex Artists.






















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